Applying for Jobs through Online Recruitment Portal


Using the right keywords is crucial to striking an online job. Most job seekers may want to know how they can be successful in striking a job through online recruitment firms. The questions asked in the search are:   How to apply for online jobs? How to get a job through online recruitment portal?

Most online recruitment companies won’t have time to physically review the resumes sent to their database. The applications may run into thousands even for a single vacancy.

The recruiters therefore have turned to software programs in reviewing the resumes/CVs. These software programs will look for certain keywords and if you have used the right keywords you give yourself a chance to be quickly picked.

You may have included super qualifications in your resume but missed to put catchy keywords. However, this depends on the capabilities of the software program used in detecting the keywords. There are cases where the recruiters may physically peruse through the resumes, but given the rising number of job seekers, the recruiters have turned to software programs in picking the potential candidates.

When you write the CV or resume you need to imagine you are the recruiter and think of the words the recruiter will be searching for. This is very essential in striking the keywords the software programs or robots have been programmed to search for.

The secret lies in knowing job requirements for this guide you in guessing the right keywords which carefully reflect in your resume.

For example, if an accountant was applying for a job he/she would need to know the requirements of a particular job and adjust the resume by including keywords in describing qualifications. However, it’s wise to match the keywords with your qualifications. The use of right keywords should not lead one to lying about the qualifications.

This tact about ‘right keywords’ should not overwhelm you when applying for jobs through online recruitment portals. In any case it’s a simple thing to learn just to increase your chances of being picked for a job.


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