Job Vacancies at Royal Botanic Afrique Pharmaceuticals in Dakar Senegal 2013


Location:  Dakar, Senegal.
Salary:     Not Disclosed/Notified On Appointment
Contract:  4yrs “Renewal On Satisfactory Performance”
Experience: 6months-10yrs Experience

For Applicants who are seeking opportunity, A job opening has arisen for the below listed vacancy’s
at One of the world’s strongest pharmaceutical company “ROYAL BOTANIC AFRIQUE PHARMACEUTICALS” which needs the services of Foreign Expatriate for its Dakar Senegal operations. These are superb role to progress with a genuine industry leader.


* Sales/Marketing Director.(Job Ref-RBAP2233)
* Account Manager.(Job Ref-RBAP2234)
* Account and Media Management/Media Planning Buyer. (Job Ref-RBAP2235)
* Advertising/Promotion Management.(Job Ref-RBAP2236)
* Product Manager.(Job Ref-RBAP2237)
* Production Supervisor.(Job Ref-RBAP2238)
* Business Unit Manager.(Job Ref-RBAP2239)
* Business Development/Strategic Planning. (Job Ref-RBAP2230)
* Project Manager.(Job Ref-RBAP2231)
* Data Manager.(Job Ref-RBAP2232)
* Data Coordinator.(Job Ref-RBAP3320)
* Regulatory Affairs Manager.(Job Ref-RBAP3321)
* Regulatory Affairs Officer.(Job Ref-RBAP3322)
* Environmental Control Officer.(Job Ref-RBAP3323)
* Finance Management and Auditing. (Job Ref-RBAP3324)
* Chemical Analyst Officer.(Job Ref-RBAP3325)
* Health and Safety Officer.(Job Ref-RBAP3326)
* Microbiology Analyst, Senior.(Job Ref-RBAP3327)
* Microbiology Analyst.(Job Ref-RBAP3328)
* Documentation Officer. (Job Ref-RBAP3329)
* Quality Director.(Job Ref-RBAP3310)
* Quality Manager.(Job Ref-RBAP3311)
* Qualified Person.(Job Ref-RBAP3312)
* QA / QC Supervisor.(Job Ref-RBAP3313)
* QA / QC Analyst.(Job Ref-RBAP3314)
* QA / QC Analyst, Senior.(Job Ref-RBAP3315)
* Validation Manager.(Job Ref-RBAP3316)
* Validation Engineer.(Job Ref-RBAP3317)
* Validation Engineer, Senior.(Job Ref-RBAP3318)
* Analytical Chemist.(Job Ref-RBAP3319)
* Analytical Chemist, Senior.(Job Ref-RBAP3341)
* Medical Information Officer.(Job Ref-RBAP4233)
* Nurse Advisory.(Job Ref-RBAP3343)
* Information Technology ((Job Ref-RBAP3344)
* Pharmacological Officer.(REF RB-3345)
* Medical Science Liaison.(Job Ref-RBAP3346)
* Medical Advisory.(Job Ref-RBAP3347)
* Corporate Quality Specialist.(Job Ref-RBAP3348)
* Medical Director.(Job Ref-RBAP3349)
* Health Economist.(Job Ref-RBAP3310)
* Pharmacologist.(Job Ref-RBAP3351)
* Lab Management/Technician. (Job Ref-RBAP3352)
* Market Research/Academic Research. (Job Ref-RBAP3353)
* Medical Consultant. (Job Ref-RBAP2233)
* Pharmacist/Medical Representative. (Job Ref-RBAP3354)
* Project Manager – Supply Chain NPI.(Job Ref-RBAP3355)
* Veterinary Product Director.(Job Ref-RBAP3356)
* Quality Systems Specialist.(Job Ref-RBAP3357)
* Senior Industrial Engineer.(Job Ref-RBAP3358)
* Administrative Officers.(Job Ref-RBAP3359)
* Emergency Medical Officers – Doctors/Nurses.(Job Ref-RBAP3350)

If you’d like to apply for the job listed above, please send your CV, with a covering
letter and photo, by e-mail to Evergreen Consultant Limited Nigeria e-mail:

Evergreen Medical Consultant Limited Nigeria
Contact Person: Dr Mandy Newman(CRO)
Address: 52,Old Okenne-Kabba Road,
Opposite Kogi State Radio,Lokoja
Tele: +234 810 908 1770


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